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Feb. 22nd, 2017 03:58 pm
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the i n s o m n i a meme

It happens to everyone - sometimes, you have nights where you just can't fall asleep, no matter what you do. It could be for a number of reasons, or no reason at all. And this is what's happened now: you've been laying in bed for what feels like hours, just tossing and turning, and nothing seems to help. So what's left to do? Get out of bed and go wake someone else up, of course. If you're not getting any sleep, then why should they?

i n s t r u c t i o n s

Post with your character (note the name and fandom in the subject).
Other people reply to you by generating a number from 1 to 10.
• Have fun!

o p t i o n s

01 • FEAR. Maybe you're hearing strange, indeterminable noises; maybe there's a severe storm happening outside; maybe you watched a scary movie before bed? Whatever the reason, you're terrified and it's keeping you awake. You just want to wake someone else up so they can protect you from the monster in your closet.
02 • HUNGER. Your stomach is growling and it just won't stop. Or perhaps your throat is so dry you could cough up a tumbleweed? Well, you've gone to the kitchen to remedy this and hey, that was a pan that just dropped on the floor. It was loud enough to wake the dead! Oops.
03 • PAIN. Your body is completely worn out, be it from exercise, battle, sickness, or what have you. Either way you're in enough pain to keep you from sleeping, so maybe someone else has a home remedy or something, or can at least help you take your mind off of it.
04 • SOLITUDE. For some reason, your bed just feels so empty at the moment. You're feeling terribly lonely and really just want someone to keep you company for a while. Maybe it'd be easier to fall asleep if you're with them...
05 • DISCOMFORT. Your room is an oven. Either that or a freezer. Or maybe this bed is just really uncomfortable? Who knows why you can't get to sleep, it feels like it could be anything. Why even bother trying? Maybe someone else can preoccupy you until you feel tired enough to ignore your discomfort.
06 • PENSIVE. Something's on your mind, and no matter how hard you try to focus elsewhere, it's just not going to work. Your body may be tired, but your mind is incredibly busy and it's virtually impossible to get to sleep. Surely, talking it out with someone else will help?
07 • SADNESS. Something terrible has happened that day, perhaps; or you could just be severely depressed. Either way you're trying your hardest not to cry yourself to sleep, and it's not working at all. Better find a way to get it out of your system somehow; you need a shoulder to cry on.
08 • ANGER. You are just... fuming. Who knows why - that annoying dog is barking again, or maybe the people next door are getting busy and keeping you awake. Whatever the reason for your ire is, you'd better put an end to it so you can get some damn rest already! Go wake up a friend so you can complain to them.
09 • RESTLESS. You're far too energetic to sleep right now. Maybe you're just trying to do so out of necessity - you have to be up early tomorrow! But you just don't think you'll be able to fall asleep for a while now, so why waste the time trying to sleep when you could be doing something else? Namely bothering someone else - you're totally jealous because they're getting more sleep than you.
10 • WILDCARD. Choose one of the options above, or make up your own scenario.

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Feb. 22nd, 2017 01:56 pm
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Love at Wrong Sight

Don't be so cynical: love at first sight definitely exists. What also exists is love at wrong sight. Both of you feel a spark, hearts a-flutter, magnetism in full force, all the tell-tale signs of an instant pull, so what's the problem?

Well, there are some big problems. One of you could be taken, you could be on opposites sides of a battle or movement, you have a duty that conflicts with romance, this could be the wrong place at the absolute wrong time, the attraction could be forbidden, or any litany of pitfalls you can imagine could exist. Oh why oh why are you having this sudden swooning now? Here? It's no use denying you're in a pickle.

The quandary is...will you avoid this flight of fancy or will affairs of the heart hit you square in the chest?

  • Top level with your prefs and info.
  • Reply to others and threeeeead.

Made together

Feb. 22nd, 2017 01:41 pm
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Made Together

under here )

The Bathing Meme

Feb. 22nd, 2017 11:06 am
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The Bathing Meme

Scrub-a-dub-dub, this meme is ridiculous. No, really. This is a meme about taking a bath. Silly.

- Post your character with name, series, and preferences as the subject header.
- Reply to other characters, using the RNG (1-7) to choose a bath type from the list below, or don't!
- Characters bathe. Or other things involving a bath. Whatever, dudes. Anything goes!
- Sexy times and/or triggery material may pop up in threads. Please be conscientious toward your fellow roleplaying buddies!
- Original meme found here

1. Bubble Bath: Here, the characters are sharing a humongous bubble bath with all the froth they can handle. The scent is delicious, the water is warm—go on, enjoy yourselves!
2. Shower: Perhaps not as fun as a bubble bath, but hey, at least it's built to accommodate two. Don’t slip!
3. Hot Tub: A whirlpool of warmth and—mm. Don't mind me. I'll just be sinking in.
4. Hot Springs: An outdoors bath is good, too, right? Or maybe this is part of a hotel. Either way, it sure is steamy.
5. Decadent Bath: There could be bubbles here, or maybe just those wonderful smelling oils and salts. Awwww, yeah. This bath probably cost a small fortune, so you should enjoy it while it lasts.
6. Lake: In case the hot springs weren't rugged enough for you, here's an actual lake, complete with waterfall for all your rinsing pleasures.
7. Other: Bathe in a shoebox for all I care!
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♕ King or Queen in Their Castle Meme ♔

You may or may not be the type who wants to lead or boss others around, but EVERYONE wants to be in charge once in a while - or at least have things go their way. Think of this, then consider your dream living situation. That ideal can be as varied as what "being in charge" means. Some would love to have nothing more than a simple life in a simple home with a warm meal a day, while others would prefer a castle with servants and a crown on their heads. Dream big, after all.

Now, imagine that, having your own way, and the cherry on top: a lover who will be at your beck and call. Not because you demand it, but just because they want to dote on you. That could be nice, couldn't it? They wouldn't be a total pushover, that's no fun, yet they'd know your whims nearly before you do and make sure. This includes all aspects of life, from making sure you're eating well to assuring that you're comfortable after a long day. Of course, their care includes sex as well. Lots and lots of sex; emotional fulfillment is important. It doesn't mean that they'd have your submissive. On the contrary, actually. Unless that's what you want. Or you could very well be theirs. They'd be here to cater to you, your kinks, and your tastes.

Don't just dream all this, be all this. You're going to be living it...at least for the moment.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and information. Do you want to be the one living this new life or the "partner" providing? If the former, feel free to include as much or as little detail as you'd prefer, from talking about ideal housing, home environment, food, sexy clothing, what have you or to just saying what kind of dynamic you're looking for with your character. If the latter, include what your character could bring to the metaphorical table.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.
  • Please be respectful to others. This is my meme, and I reserve the right to make sure everyone feels safe and is having fun.

At world's end

Feb. 22nd, 2017 08:38 am
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Ruinous Romantic Tension
a post-apocalyptic shipping and smut meme

Calamity makes strange companions, but when the world's gone topsy turvy, beggars can't be choosers. Read more... )

tl;dr: "Two people are partners in a post-apocalyptic or other dark/"rough" setting who have been traveling together for a long time, depending on each other for survival. They've also been ignoring the unresolved sexual tension/attraction between them. One night while taking shelter, they finally give in and have sex even though they shouldn't, or they worry about how it will affect their partnership."

  • Inspired by the rpanons thread here.
  • Top level with your character, info, preferences, limit (shipping only, no smut, smut okay, etc.)
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread!

  • SMUT

A heart's a heavy burden

Feb. 22nd, 2017 08:12 am
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The TOOK  YOU  IN Shipping Meme

They were on your front door, in your yard, or on the street, confused and clearly in no position to fend for themselves; in a worst case scenario, they were bruised and battered, possibly close to death. Bleeding heart or not, you can't just be so cruel as to let them suffer. They need a place to stay, and you'll open your home to them...long enough to get back on their feet, anyway.

Speaking of feet, the shoe could be on the other one. You're worse for the wear - in a new place, possibly injured, certainly not in the best state of mind. You could not even remember how you got here or who you are to get here, for that matter. You may not want to remember. Whether willing or not so willing, you're in no position to turn down help, especially if said helper won't take no for an answer. No matter how dedicated you are to looking after yourself, there's only so much you can do in your position.

The two of you are staying together, at any rate. Only for a while, the plan is. But after said while, even though strength and confidence is returning to the injured, there's something a little different between you two. It could be the close quarters, the kindness shown, or a number of things, but quietly, softly, feelings have grown. Could more confusion and hurt spring from this? What about when it's time to go? Can the temporary resident leave as easily as they intended? You're so close now, perhaps a little while longer can't do any harm...

...until whatever it was that put them in such a perilous position in the first place comes back, and there could be "justice" for anyone who's dared to help.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Say if you'd rather play the taken in or the person taking them in.
  • Reply to others.


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Feb. 21st, 2017 09:34 pm
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Above The Clouds II

the enchanted forest meme

Oh, fairy tales. Do they remind us that no matter what happens, things can still turn out alright and your prince will come, or do they tap into your primal fears and remind you of what and what not to do to avoid an untimely end? Do they reflect the human condition and subconscious, or are they just clever stories to amuse adults and keep kids up at night? Or are they as sweet as they seem? Who knows. It's time to find out.

oo1. comment with your characters
make sure to put names, series, & preferences somewhere!
you can use < ! > sans the spaces to make the comment "blank"
oo2. reply to others in character
oo3. use the rng and enter 1-12
oo4. play out what happens—anything goes!
oo5. profit? oh yeah!
oo6. totally not based off of fairy tales

There might be triggers, depending on how the prompts are interpreted.

one → small quest it might be a rare herb or a cup of magic water, but someone’s life depends upon you going through these woods and getting it. will you find it right away? have to battle a witch for it? or maybe you don’t want to succeed at all.

two → lost how did you manage to get lost in these woods? you had that map, right? how did you even get to this part of the country? whatever happened, you’re stuck until someone helps you out. if they want you out in the first place.

three → chased these woods weren’t exactly the place you wanted to go, but you had no choice. innocent or guilty of a crime, or a victim of circumstance, these woods might buy you some time… wait. was that a wolf in the distance?

four → the old castle sometimes when you’re lost or wandering about, you see something really amazing or unusual. or something you were never meant to find. like that old abandoned castle people have been whispering about…

five → passing through the forest has a well-worn path that no one ever strays from, lest something magical happens to them. you’ve traveled it often enough, but just because you’re on the path doesn’t mean you’ll be left alone.

six → refuge it might be dark and cold, or entirely welcoming, but it’s the only place those nasty goons or insane villagers won’t follow you. but what exactly is keeping everyone else away from here? or did you want into some danger yourself?

seven → chance encounter it’s a fairy! no, wait, that was just an ogre. an ogre?! from sorcerers to talking deer, you can meet anything in an enchanted forest. so will you meet someone who wants to help you, or will they want to eat you instead?

eight → danger this forest doesn’t like newcomers, and the creatures don’t like humans. its ways are old and strange, and just because you’ve been able to enter it doesn’t mean you’ll be spared. no one likes trespassers, after all.

nine → abandoned for whatever reason, you were abandoned here a long time ago. this is the only place you have ever known, and you’d rather not leave. not even for that prince who has come to take you back home, long lost princess.

ten → large quest the forest might be the end of your quest, or it might be a large part of it. you’ve been fighting hard for a long time to rescue the princess or defeat the wizard, and this forest isn’t going to scare or defeat you. will it?

eleven → spell trapped in an ancient oak tree? put under a sleeping curse? or maybe you’re the one who is causing that mischief from that little cottage you’ve hidden in the old forest people are learning to become wary of these days.

twelve → magical not all enchanted forests are scary! some of them are filled with sunlight, fairies, pretty little birds, and all those big-eyed creatures, all of them singing along with you, having a wonderfully good time.

Teach me

Feb. 21st, 2017 08:42 pm
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Hot for Teacher Meme
You know the trope. You probably know the song! No need to explain here. Now, you can play out your student/teacher desires!

  • "Student/teacher" is used very loosely here. You could play out someone getting with their tutor, a player wanting their coach, or even a person who's been lusting after somebody who taught them how to macramé.
  • Usually, a certain amount of ageplay is implied with student/teacher, but it's not necessary! Anyone can teach another person of the same age, after all.
  • Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to be specific with said preferences by including exactly what side you want to play or some possible scenarios. How serious or dark or fluffy or sexy the threads are depend on you.
  • Reply to others.

You're my king & I'm your lionheart

Feb. 21st, 2017 08:32 pm
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shipping meme
There’s no real push to your actions; you do them as if they were second nature. Perhaps, initially, you were assigned this role, as protector and guardian of this person. Maybe you took it on because there was no one else. A natural guardian or not, good or evil, you caught a shining to them and felt…something. Something hard to explain, but you want to keep them safe and happy - or at the very least, content. No one is as dedicated to them as you. You want them to reach their goals; to help them achieve them, you'll do what you must, even if it means being their gofer or their right hand.

But most of all, you don't want them to end up like you. They're worth more than that.

Yet somehow, along the line, you became more to them, more than just their protector. You protect them anew and you've found a different way to make them happy. It's selfish, too, because you love them in your way and you want them more than anything. You may feel guilty, of course. They don't, though, and that's what matters.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and what you'd prefer to play: protector or protected.
  • Remember, you don't have to be so rigid. A traditionally weak character can "protect" a traditionally strong one in emotional ways.
  • Reply to others.



Feb. 21st, 2017 01:44 pm
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Make It Count Meme
absence makes the heart grow fonder

You just can't get enough of this person, whether it be love, lust, or both. You'd do anything to get to spend more time with them; a little bit is never enough! But the moments you can be together are few and far between. One of you is always on the road, there's duties to be beholden to, your relationship is so forbidden that chances of being caught are too high to justify much risk. Even if you, on the off chance, live together, it seems like you're always just missing each other. More likely, though, you live a considerable distance apart. Or maybe, you know, one of you could be the captain of a ship of the undead, only allowed to come to shore every ten years!

...no? Not really?

At any rate, you two are having one of your rare get togethers, and you're making up for lost time. Perhaps you need some life-affirming, to know that they're still there and still waiting for you. On the other hand, you might just want to go all day for no reason at all. There doesn't need to be an explanation. Neither of you have to justify yourselves to anyone, you just have to soak each other up. Hopefully, nothing's changed between you, though you might have to spend time relearning the curves of their body - but actually, that's nothing you'd ever forget. You have their whole form memorized, and all their weak spots, too, so you can think about them when you're alone.

Now, you're making every second count and forgetting the whole world outside exists.

  • Comment with your character, your preferences, and any information about your character and their situation, what they'd be doing inside this memes parameters, etc.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread things out.

tuesday sexting

Feb. 21st, 2017 08:41 pm
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the phone sex +
sexting meme

what it says on the tin. leave a blank comment, include your preferences or a starter, it's all good. reply to others with a text, a dirty picture (please link all nsfw things!), misfires, misdials, drunk filthy voicemails, whatever your heart desires.

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Nursed Back to Health
shipping meme

  • Comment with your character, preferences, preferred role, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Your character has either been injured/sick and had to be taken in (possibly against their will) or has been the one to help somebody like the former. Through the mending process, the two characters in a thread have fallen in love - or at least grown closer and more affectionate.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.

Little Steps

Feb. 21st, 2017 07:59 am
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little steps

No matter how much they care for the other person and want to be with them, some people simply can't dive head first into relationships. Little things that form intimacy and romance, little acts we take for granted - being close, holding hands, kissing, showing affection in public - they won't or can't do...at least not right off the bat. Something in their past, their experiences, their trauma, or even their personality holds them back. For both them and the person they're "dating," as it were, this can lead to a frustrating experience.

Still, steps can be taken towards letting the walls fall down. Little, tiny steps, but those can mean the world all the same.

The People
One With the help of a partner, one person warms up.
Two Both sides of this couple are learning how to be in a relationship and to be open.

The Actions
Talking → A relationship can't exist if there's not some communication, so either learn to use your words or become so close you can speak without them.
Spending Time → Even such mundane occurrences as watching TV or cooking together is new ground.
Touching → You might just find you enjoy reaching out and touching them.
Kissing → Another kind of touch, when you think about it.
Cuddling → ...at least they're warm and, hopefully, soft.
Sleeping → You're at your absolute weakest when you're asleep. It shows trust to doze off around this person.
Public Display → It's one thing to be in love in private, but showing you care in public is a different story.
Kind Words → Three little words (more or less) are all it takes. Why, then, are they so hard to get out?
Sex The ultimate stumbling block to some. To be laid blissfully bare is to truly let your guard down.

If it's not risky, it's not worth it

Feb. 21st, 2017 07:53 am
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Risky Rendezvous

  • Comment: info, preferences, prompts you like, desired roles, etc.
  • Reply: to others.
  • RNG: if you'd like. Otherwise, go nuts.

  1. petplay: All good pets need to be trained. Of course, they naturally want to please master or mistress, so taking to the leash and collar is in their blood. You may want to give them a helping hand, though, and keep those temptations like acting like a human out of their sights.

  2. daddy/baby girl: Or something more gender neutral. Whatever the case, you love taking care of your little one and spoiling them...unless they need punished for being a brat. They may be too young, but you can't help yourself.

  3. medical play: The doctor will see you now.

  4. bondage: Whips and chains excite you. Ropes aren't too bad, either.

  5. religious: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. And now, I'll have to confess it all.

  6. let go: You've got all your shit together in life. In your private life, though, you like to let go and lose yourself - either by being rough and controlling someone else or being controlled.

  7. student/teacher: Young teacher, the subject of school girl fantasies. You know the drill. Somebody's staying after class.

  8. non-con: They say no, but you know they mean yes.

  9. master/servant: Maid or butler uniform optional.

  10. newlyweds: There's nothing like your wedding night.

  11. cheating: Your cheatin' heart may or may not be in the right place.

  12. robbery: Give up all your goods and give up something else, too.

  13. incest: It's all relative.

  14. crossdressing: Girls will be girls and boys will be girls.

  15. police: Ready for a game of good cop, bad cop?

  16. wanton: Oe of you has all the trappings of a slut, with all that ill-repute, and the other has to put them in their "place." Dirty talk, sexy clothing, toys, maybe even glory holes, oh my! The more perverse, the better.

  17. strangers: You'd never do this with someone you just met! Good thing you've really known each other forever.

  18. prostitution: All the naughtiness of an appointment between a prostitute and a John.

  19. nurturing: We know all of you love a mother or father figure.

  20. someone else: Usually, a lover calling out someone else's name is anathema, but now, it's apropos..


Fooling around

Feb. 20th, 2017 09:20 pm
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Somewhere further than making out yet not quite going all the way, "fooling around" is a time honored tradition. It's easy, low-pressure, and there are no real parameters - above the clothes or not. Sound good? Maybe you're young and want to try but not commit to anything too carnal. Similarly, you could want to explore somebody's, well, body because they're so different than you. There's also the possibility that you want to make them happy or see how they react to feeling beyond great. Could it be that you're a tease, even?

Or you could just be bored. There's nothing on TV, anyway.

  • Comment with your character, info, preferences (gender, age appropriate characters only, etc), and hard limits (no smut, fade to black, graphic smut a-okay, etc.).
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.

Abrupt Kissing: The Meme!

Feb. 20th, 2017 05:52 pm
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 The Abrupt Kissing Meme

Plain and simple: your character is being kissed. Abruptly. How did this happen? Were they talking too much to the point where it was the only way to shut them up? Was someone bidding adieu or just not able to hold in their feelings? Or was this some CPR class gone bad? More importantly—how do they react?

How this works:
→ Leave a comment with the usual information in the subject line: character name, fandom. Any preferences, including what you don't want, should be included as well. Congratulations, your character is being kissed by whoever tags them!
→ Tag around.
→ Feel free to roll RNG (1-9) if you cannot come up with scenarios of your own. 
→ Have fun, and be excellent to each other!
  • 1 — Simply put: I like you. (You may or may not know this already.)
  • 2 — I did it to shut you up. (It worked, didn't it?)
  • 3 — I've always been curious... (About what it'd be like to kiss you.)
  • 4 — It was an accident! (I totally tripped!)
  • 5 — Farewell. (I may never see you again and...!)
  • 6 — Taunting. (Bet you didn't see that attack coming didja?)
  • 7 — CPR (You were asleep and you suddenly woke up..?)
  • 8 — No more waiting! (Ain't nobody got time for that.)
  • 9 — Fuck da police. (In other words, the random/whatever option.)

quote prompt.

Feb. 20th, 2017 05:02 pm
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the quote prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a quote/lyric/poem. try a sea of quotes or tumblr if you need help searching for a quote.
  • reply to them with a setting based on the quote/lyric/poem.

psl finder meme

Feb. 20th, 2017 06:13 pm
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Find a partner to carry out a private storyline together via a musebox, journals, memes, or any other way you can think of. Ask for anything you want, the characters you're looking for, and anything else you want. Post the form below and please remember to put the type of PSL you're looking for in the subject line.

Meme reposted from here.

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